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November 25 2017

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2007 iPhone: 3.5" display, 320x480 pixel resolution at 163 ppi, 16 GB memory, 2 megapixel camera, 0.46“ thick, 4 ounces.
2017 iPhone: 5.8” OLED display, 2436 x 1125 resolution at 458ppi, 256 GB memory, 12 MP back/7MP front cameras, 0.30“ thick, 6.14 ounces.

1 decade of @apple 📱

November 24 2017

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I made my uncle’s oyster stew for Thanksgiving dinner, to rave reviews. Simple recipe, executed well: butter, garlic, onion, potato, bay leaf, stock, fantastic fresh oysters, light cream. I think he would have savored it and be pleased that we remembered his culinary mastery around the table together.

November 23 2017

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Happy Thanksgiving, from my family to yours. I’m grateful to be healthy, safe, & back in the USA — and for this fine cup of coffee.
Thank you for listening, connecting, & sharing.
Thank you to all those who are serving today, close to home or in harm’s way abroad.
May you find peace, kindness & good food today. (at Houston-Intercontinental Airport)

November 20 2017

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Argentina, here I come. Outlets and a big screen are cool, but I can’t be blasé about the leg room, not be anything but excited about the recline button given the 11 hours ahead.

November 15 2017

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Beautiful halls of power (at United States Capitol)

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What would Franklin do? (at United States Capitol)

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So, that was an interesting moment in the Senate: a dozen Senators ask questions (more arrived) I reach for answers. (at Mansfield Room, U.S. Capitol)

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Public access to Pennsylvania Avenue north of the @whitehouse remains restricted due to some kind of construction. This is getting old. #latergram (at The White House)

November 13 2017

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‪Maiden voyage with a birthday present: “smart” helmet with Bluetooth & LEDs that show turn signals. Watch for cyclists, DC drivers!‬

November 11 2017

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Fired up, ready to grill.

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Starting to help cook a birthday dinner for my older sister. My station: Herb-rubbed ribeye roast, crab balls. Game on. 🔥🍖🦀

November 10 2017

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‪This is my first visit to the Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Federal Building, which is closed to the public. https://www.aoc.gov/capitol-buildings/oneill-house-office-building Glad to see some sunshine here.‬ (at Thomas P. O'neill Jr. Federal Building)

November 08 2017

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LEDs and teeth make pumpkin goblins easy and fun to make. Halloween is lingering this year as a result!

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That day when @johnwonderlich & I met @WaltShaub & talked about government ethics, oversight and reform. (at The White House)

November 05 2017

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In other news, For the first time in world history, the Capitol Hill squirrels have improved a jack-o’-lantern through their actions, instead of just knawing down the pumpkins and gourds that we our our neighbors mistakenly put out early.

Our industrious little neighbors removed a plastic fang on the bottom and had a pumpkin seed party on our stoop railing. In the process, they made it look like our decorated pumpkin had vomited, which notably increased the “gross-out factor” of the display.

As my daughter’s laughter reminded me, many kids like such things.

Next step: clean up! :)

November 01 2017

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Next stop: Ottawa, Canada. I should have brought my overcoat and gloves. (at Washington Dulles International Airport)

October 28 2017

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‪My birthday present arrived while I was abroad!⌚️‬
‪If you’re an Apple Watch owner: what are your favorite apps & services? How do you use it?‬

October 27 2017

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When in England…

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Bed pans on the ceiling is an interesting decor choice. #lategram

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Bars in England have a tad more history to them. #latergram

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