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I’m sore today, after yesterday’s paddle, but I’m still feeling exhilarated. On Thursday, we kayaked out to Pond Island, down the cape and out into the Penobscot Bay. Visiting the salt pond and sandy beach of the island is one of the iconic memories of my childhood summer vacations in Maine. Returning decades later with my wife and daughter to find it as pristine and beautiful as ever resonated deeply with me.

We beachcombed, paddled into the interior channel with the tide, picnicked, and swam in the (warm!) outflow of the pond, floating in the current in the sun. We paddled home easily, without incident, ate clams, fresh baked cookies, and had dance party.

I’d been thinking about making this trip for months. When I saw that it was 2 mile round trip, I knew that it would be doable in calm weather.

I’m proud that we pulled this of, for all of us. There are few perfect days in life, but this felt like one of them.

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