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This week, I grilled burgers, turkey, bacon-wrapped scallops and a roast. We boiled Forbidden Rice and a lobster, steamed local long-necked clams, and rendered more than a pound of bacon. We pan-roasted broccoli and kale, scrambled eggs and fried sausages.

All of that glorious cooking and vacation eating had consequences, though, measured in a pile of glasses, utensils, dishes, pots and pans …and there is no dishwasher in this little cottage other than the humans staying here. The lease even warns tenants about their dishwashing responsibilities!

So, last night before bedtime, staring down our impending departure this morning, I handwashed all of it and put them away. Whew!

Sayonara, galley kitchen. You and your electric stove and double basin sink served us well this trip to Maine. I would not be sad to see you again.

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