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November 05 2017

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In other news, For the first time in world history, the Capitol Hill squirrels have improved a jack-o’-lantern through their actions, instead of just knawing down the pumpkins and gourds that we our our neighbors mistakenly put out early.

Our industrious little neighbors removed a plastic fang on the bottom and had a pumpkin seed party on our stoop railing. In the process, they made it look like our decorated pumpkin had vomited, which notably increased the “gross-out factor” of the display.

As my daughter’s laughter reminded me, many kids like such things.

Next step: clean up! :)

November 01 2017

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Next stop: Ottawa, Canada. I should have brought my overcoat and gloves. (at Washington Dulles International Airport)

October 28 2017

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‪My birthday present arrived while I was abroad!⌚️‬
‪If you’re an Apple Watch owner: what are your favorite apps & services? How do you use it?‬

October 27 2017

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When in England…

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Bed pans on the ceiling is an interesting decor choice. #lategram

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Bars in England have a tad more history to them. #latergram

October 24 2017

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‪Heathrow Airport has fast, robust, free WiFi and tablets for travelers. I hope more airports in the USA follow suit. 🛫📶‬

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The Holy Grail of transatlantic travel in economy plus: an empty row of seats! I might get 3, perhaps even 4 hours before I wake up in Heathrow and have to navigate English railways.

Keeping calm
and hoping to
Sleep on (at Washington Dulles International Airport)

October 21 2017

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My daughter asked me to dress up as Darth Vader for Halloween. With some help from a friend, I will — and she can have some fun playing an elite storm trooper at parties with me ahead of the big night. The Force is strong in our family this year.

October 13 2017

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This is what a protest zone on Pennsylvania Avenue outside of the @WhiteHouse looks like in October 2017. Freedom to assemble, inside tape.

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Unusual Irish coffee. Tasty.
#latergram (at Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab DC)

October 02 2017

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After a long day at work, cycling home past the Trump hotel, IRS, FBI, The Justice Department & the US Capitol, thinking about institutions.

September 25 2017

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I could get sea urchin guts for free in Maine. I’d eat them if you paid me $25.

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Hello there, funny solar bike. Care to share?

September 11 2017

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‪Enjoying some sunlight in the Senate office building today, discussing social media, the Internet, and the future of political advertising.‬ (at Hart Senate Office Building)

August 20 2017

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‪I’m back in DC after a much-needed vacation in Maine, reading Sunday papers 📰 at @EasternMarketDC. Big week ahead. Watershed moment behind.‬ (at Eastern Market)

August 18 2017

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Last day in Acadia. We hiked Jordan Pond, ate popovers and lobster stew, and are settling down to tea, books, and (gulp) cleaning and packing.

As is true every visit, I’m not ready to leave this place yet.

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Picture perfect, sparkling summer day in Maine for a sail on the Margaret Todd. The wind was strong, the sun was warm and the massive sailing ship was a delight to ride around Frenchman’s Bay.

August 17 2017

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We visited Great Cranberry Island for the first time today. http://cranberryisles.com We walked, picked blackberries and blueberries, picnicked, combed a cobblestone beach, chatted with the locals, visited the museum, and even went swimming in the chilly waters of the Atlantic Ocean. As day trips go, outstanding.

August 14 2017

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We transitioned to a new vacation base camp this weekend, moving up from Downeast Maine to Acadia on a rainy Saturday. We’re safely ensconced in a lovely (modern!) post-and-beam home built upon an old farmhouse foundation, sitting upon a knoll above a cove on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island. It’s not at all the same as being right on the water, but it’s fundamentally lovely in its own way, inside and out. It’s a new house, built to fit into this place 25 years ago, combing ancient elements with modern convenience.

I’m thrilled to be cooking with gas again (inside) and in close proximity to a dishwasher, a microwave, and a good chef’s knife. The electric grill, heat pump and Swedish laundry appliances are all foreign but accomplish their purposes admirably. I love the coffee scale, grinder and maker.

The baby grand piano, standup bass, viola, lute and spotting scope all left to fiddle with all feel like gilding the lily, but that’s just fine on a summer vacation.

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