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August 14 2017

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We transitioned to a new vacation base camp this weekend, moving up from Downeast Maine to Acadia on a rainy Saturday. We’re safely ensconced in a lovely (modern!) post-and-beam home built upon an old farmhouse foundation, sitting upon a knoll above a cove on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island. It’s not at all the same as being right on the water, but it’s fundamentally lovely in its own way, inside and out. It’s a new house, built to fit into this place 25 years ago, combing ancient elements with modern convenience.

I’m thrilled to be cooking with gas again (inside) and in close proximity to a dishwasher, a microwave, and a good chef’s knife. The electric grill, heat pump and Swedish laundry appliances are all foreign but accomplish their purposes admirably. I love the coffee scale, grinder and maker.

The baby grand piano, standup bass, viola, lute and spotting scope all left to fiddle with all feel like gilding the lily, but that’s just fine on a summer vacation.

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